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Payment / Booking Policies

A deposit will be required to confirm all studio bookings and reservations. Such deposit shall be equal to 50% of the cost of the total time reserved. Deposit must be received no later than five days prior to the recording session. Mel-John Studios reserves the rights to waive such deposit requirement in its unfettered discretion.

Notice of a client's intent to cancel a session must be received by Mel-John Studios no later than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the recording session. If the cancellation notice is not received by Mel-John Studios by the required cancellation time, the client shall be liable for the cost of one half of the time booked. (DEPOSIT)

Recording rates are broken down in two categories:

1. Hourly Rates…. $60.00 per hour (Includes Engineer) Hourly blocks must be reserved in advance by the client. Client's deposit will be determined by the number of block hours required for their recording project.

2. Recording Packages…. $800.00 (Includes Engineer) Recording Packages reserved will not exceed 15 hours of actual studio time usage and access. Ten [10] copies of recording supplied at no additional cost.

In the event that additional studio time is needed past the reserved recording agreement, the client will be required to pay an hourly rate of $65.00 per hour. This time will be approved or disapproved by the Mel-John Studios management.

Client's will be allowed to enter Mel-John Studios 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time of recording. The actual recording time will began at the reserved studio time purchased. No other client's will be allowed to enter the studio area during the recording of the scheduled recording in progress.

Clients will be allowed to bring one guest to the studio during their recording. The guest will be allowed only in the Mel-John Studios Control Room. No small children will be allowed in the studio control room or studio area during a recording unless approved by Studio Management.

Payment in full for materials and fees are due and payable immediately following each purchased recording session. No recorded media will be released to the client until all open accounts have been settled with Mel-John Studios.

Mel-John Studios reserves the right of refusal to record any degrading material. All material must be approved by management before any agreement contract is signed.


Mixing Console
Behringer Eurodesk MX-9000….24 Channel Console
Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO….16 Channel Console

Audio Recorders
Alesis ADAT HD24XR …..24 Track Digital Recorder
Alesis Masterlink ML-9600……High Resolution Master Disk Recorder
Fostex D-108……8 Track Digital Recorder
Tascam CD-RW750…….CD Rewritable Recorder
Tascam CD-A500……CD Player/Cassette Recorder
Tascam DA-20 MKII…….DAT Recorder

Reflex Max 7 Series
Tascam CDRW 402 Duplicator

Alesis M 1 Active MK2…Reference Monitors
Behringer Truth B2031A….Reference Monitors
Peavey PR-10…..Loud Speakers

Effects Processors
TC-Helicon Vocal Processor…..Voice Prism Plus
Lexicon MPX 100…..Dual Channel Processor
Behringer Virtualizer Pro….DSP2024P
Alesis Microverb 4….Signal Processor

Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro…..GEQ3102
Alesis Dual 1/3 Octave….M-EQ 230

Microphone Pre-Amps
(1) Focusrite Platinum Voice Master Pro….Mic Preamp/Compreesor/EQ
(3) Art Pro Channel…1 Channel Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ
(3) Art TPS II….Two Channel Voice Valve Tube Preamp
(3) Behringer Ultra Gain Pro MIC2200….2 Channel Preamp

DBX 166XL Compressor/Gate
Behringer Autocom Pro-XL….MDX1600 4 Channel Compressor
(2) Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate

Headphone Amplifiers
(1) Behringer Headphone Amplifier…..PowerPlay Pro….HA4400
(4) Behringer Headphone Amplifier…..PowerPlay ProXL….HA4700
(2) Behringer Headphone Amplifier…..PowerPlay Pro-8….HA8000

Power Amplifier
Mackie M-1400i……FR Series
Alesis RA-100…..Reference Amp

(1) CAD Condenser Microphone….E200 Multi Pattern Microphone
(2) MCA Condenser Microphone….Studio Pro Series
(3) Marshall Condenser Microphone…..MXL 2003
(1) Marshall Condenser Microphone…..MXL 990
(1) Rode Condenser Microphone….NT1-A
(1) Shure SM-57 Microphone
(2) Shure SM-58
(4) AKG TPS Microphone…..D-3700

Instrument Direct Box
Behringer Ultra-DI Pro…..4 Channel DI

Patch Bays
(5) Behringer Ultra Patch Pro…..PX3000

Kurzweil Keyboard….SP88 Stage Piano
Roland Sound Module….Strings
Roland Sound Module….Bass & Drums
Alesis Drum Machine…..SR-16


Trent Gordon
Operation Manager, trent@meljohnstudios.com

Mat Johnston
Engineer, Mac@meljohnstudios.com

Mat Johnston has been working here since Jan. 1 1993 and has provided his services to North Carolina and surrounding states. He has worked with all types of shows from Rock & Roll to Bluegrass. He has also done a host of theatrical productions in several different counties. His goal is to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible and to provide the highest quality sound; at the best possible price.


Bands Mat Johnston has worked with:
Whitness/Evangles The Platters
The Drifters
The Marvlettes
John Davidson
Harry James and the Andrews Sisters' tribute
Greg Vols (former lead singer of Petra)
Point of Grace
Jack of Diamonds
Artie Traum
John Anderson
Livingston Taylor
Artimas Pyle of Lynrd Skinard
The legendary Trit
Gary Lewis & the Phy boys
Common Ground
Talking Drums
Cindy Johnson

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